New grant!

Judgments of Answerers and the Answers They Give

Excited to have been awarded an NSF Decision, Risk, and Management Sciences Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant for 2020-2021.


Talk at the Society of Philosophy and Psychology

The Dynamics of Human Inquiry (with Simon DeDeo)

In this paper, we approach question asking as an inherently social practice in which information embedded in the question affects an agent who proposes an answer and seek to build a theory of a bidirectional flow of information between questions and their answers.

July 12, 2019 San Diego, CA

Santa Fe Institute's Complex Systems Summer School

Excited to spend a month at the Complex Systems Summer School hosted by SFI where I'll be attending learning about everything from non-linear dynamics to network theory to evoution of geneotype networks! Catch me in the classroom or out adventuring in the desert.

June - July 2019 Santa Fe, NM


Talk at the Society for Judgment and Decision Making

Cheating is in the Eye of the Beholder (with Gretchen Chapman)

In this paper we present a model of unethical behavior which elucidates the conditions under which agents are dishonest and defines the existence of distinct types of dishonest behavior. Using a psychological game-theoretic framework, we propose that the problem facing the agent is to infer the likelihood that an observer will think her honest, given her action. We evaluate our key theoretical predictions in an experiment and show that the uncertainty of the decision context strongly affects behavior: when uncertainty is low, agents either cheat maximally or not at all, and when it is high, they cheat incrementally.

November, 2018 New Orleans, LA

K&L Gates Presidential Fellow for Ethics & Computational Technologies

Named a 2018-2019 Fellow.

August 2018 Pittsburgh, PA